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The puzzle within the book was constructed as a multi-layered unit. The answers required were as follows:
  1. The name of the place where the engine was lost
  2. The key which led you to this location
  3. The name of the boy who lost the engine
  4. An article which should have been sent in with every entry.
The answers are shown with each relevant page with a conclusion at the end.
The most obvious clues in the book relate to the actual journey taken by Dr Alan Foster and his old friend so these, and any other odd things included in the book for interest or as brain teasers will be dealt with under the heading of "General". These clues have no relevance to the answering of the four main questions, we just thought it would be good to have a route to follow. Also the choice of which pictures were in colour and the pictures around the text pages have no particular relevance.
Key Clues: In the introductory poem you are told to "take your time" and solve the clues. "Keep your eye on the time" and "You just had to think yourself back in time" are two of the key phrases in the book. The clues are related to time but have to be linked with a roman numeral to tell you where to put the information in the "key" message.
Boy's Name: In the introductory poem you are told that the name of the boy is in "two parts and is repeated". Therefore you are looking for a two part name which is mentioned more than once. Under each picture, except for the first and last two, appears a clue - these are the clues to the boy's name.
Article: At the end of each page of text there is a clue. These clues form a treasure hunt in a similar way to a car treasure hunt with which many of you will be familiar. Each place which is identified has a link (however tenuous) with the next place on the list, forming a chain.

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